• Holiday Activities

    I organise a summer session activities on these dates:
    13th,14th,15th of August between 2.30PM to 5PM in the community center in Wilton, Bishopstown near the Wilton Shopping center and the SMA church.

    This is a chance for you to find out more about La Jolie Ronde, myself, and see the wonderful materials and if you are interested to begin with “La Jolie Ronde”  for French or Spanish courses you will have the opportunity to confirm your booking and secure a place for the beginning of September 2009.

    During these dates, I organise fun and handycraft activities using French or Spanish expressions and at the end of each session the children receive a certificate with all thing he/she learn during the session.

    (French or Spanish sessions depending on the demand)

    The cost is 5€/child per session of 1 hour or 10 €/child for all afternoon You can come between 2.30pm to 3.30pm or between 4pm to 5pm if it’s for one hour.

    If you are interested in this summer activities, don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail at this following adress: magalis2121@gmail.com or by phone: 086 061 51 60 Until the 8th of August!

    We are not employed by La Jolie Ronde but have the La Jolie Ronde area franchise as self-employed licensees. La Jolie Ronde's own website is at www.lajolieronde.co.uk and any statements made on this website are ours and not those of La Jolie Ronde, who has not given or endorsed them.

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