• You would like to register your children in ABC Kids fun?

    If you would like to subscribe in the ABC Kids Fun, I think it is better for you to participate in the next holiday activities or to fix with me a taster lesson for FREE and after that you can decide if you want to continue with us.

    The next holiday activities are on these dates:
    13th,14th,15th of August 2009 between 2.30pm to 5pm in the community center in Wilton,Bishopstown! It's near the shopping center Wilton and near the Wilton Shopping center and the SMA church.

    If you would like to participate in the next holiday activity, send me an email at this address: magalis2121@gmail.com or phone me at this number: 086 061 51 60 and you can have a look on this website in "holiday activities".

    If you can't participate on the summer activities, it is possible to organise a taster lesson for free! For this, contact me by phone or by email!

    But if you are sure and you would like to start immediately because you hear about it already, don't hesitate to contact me by phone or by email anytime in the year.

    If you need more information before, you can contact me by email or by phone anytime and I answer you quickly.

    We are not employed by La Jolie Ronde but have the La Jolie Ronde area franchise as self-employed licensees. La Jolie Ronde's own website is at www.lajolieronde.co.uk and any statements made on this website are ours and not those of La Jolie Ronde, who has not given or endorsed them.

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